Tohee mohee mohee tohee antar kaisa, Kanak katik jal taran jaisa.
Guru Ravidass Ji explained to the Almighty that there is no difference between you and me and Thee ? In is not more than that of Gold and its bracelets and water and its ripples.


Jupai hum na pap kranta ahe ananta, Ptit paawan naam kaise hunta. (Rahaao)
O! the infinite if we are not sinner how would you have been called the Redeemer of the sinner?

Tum jo naaik aachu antarjaamee, Prabh te jan janijai jan te soameee.
O God! Being the Master of the universe, you know everything. The servant in known from his master and the master in known from his servant’s grace.

Sreer(u) aaradhai mo kao beechara(u) dehoo. Ravidass sam dal samjhaavai kouoo.
O Lord! I (Guru Ravidass) beseech you to grant me enlightenment and Guru Ravidass Ji says that some one may grant me realization about Him who is equally omnipresent.

Meri sangat poch soch din(u) raati, Mera karamu kutilta janam kubanti
Guru Ravidass Ji says that it keeps him in anxiety that his associates are worthless because my actions are evil and my birth is lowly.

Ram gusaeeaa jeea ke jeewna, Moh na bisaarh(u) mai jan tera. (Rahaao)
O Divine Lord! You gave me this life and pray that do not forget it that I am your humble and devoted servant.

Meri hrh(u) bipit jan krhu subhaaiee, Charan na chhadao sareer kaljaaiee.
Guru Ravidass Ji again prays that only you can remove my distress and make me your fortunate servant. Ant I will not leave Thy feet though my body may perish.

Kaho Ravidass prao teri sabha, Beig milhe jan karu na bilambha.
Guru Ji says that I beg thy protection. Further pray give me your shelter and come to my rescue without any delay.

Begum pura sahar ko nao(u), Dookhu andohu nahee tihi thaao.
Begumpura is the name of the joyful city and at that place, there is no suffering and sorrows.

Na tasvees khiraaju na maal(u), Khouph(u) na khataa na taras(u) jawaal(u).
That place is free from worry of paying taxes nor anybody holds property there. Neither awe nor error nor dread nor decline is there.

Ab mohi khoob vatan gah paaiee, Uoohan khair sada mere bhaaiee. (Rahaao)
Guru Ji says that I have found an excellent abode. O Brothers! There is everlasting safety there.

Kaaim(u) daaim(u) sada paaitsaahee, Dom na sem ek so aahi.
In Begumpura, there is eternal sovereignty of God and there are no second of third; all are alike-no high or low. 

Aabaadaan(u) sada mashoor, Uoohan ganee basih maamoor.
That famous pious place is fully populated and those abiding there are spiritually enlightened.

Tiou(u) tiou(u) sail karih jiou(u) bhaavai, Mahram mahal na ko atkaavai.
Residents can stroll about us they please and there is no restriction of any kind for the inmates.

Kaho Ravidass khalas chamaaraa, Jo hum sharee so mit(u) hamaara.
Ji says that he, an emancipated cobbler, is a friend of all the residents of the city.

Ghat awghat doogar ghanna Ek nirgun(u) bail(u) hamaar. Ramiee siou ek bentee Meri poonji raakhu murar(u).
The way to reach the God is hard and arduous and there are high mountains and I have a feeble bullock/body to reach the destination. Gurudev prayed to God to protect his body-the capital. Pause.

Ko banjaro ram ko Mera tandaa laaidia jaaie re. (Rahaao)
He (Guru Ji) wants to know if there is any other merchant trading in God’s name. Who will adopt his path because his laden cart is proceeding alone ?

Huao banjaro ram ko Sahaj karo baapaar. Mai ram naam dhan laadia bikh laadi sansaar.
I am God’s merchant dealing in enlightenment and Divine knowledge and merchandize is of the God; the worldly people are collecting load of poison the sins.

Urwar par ke daaneea Likh leh aal pataal. Mauh(i) jam dand na laagee Tajeele sarab janjal.
O the Chittargupt! You know the present and the next. You are at liberty to credit in my account whatever good or bad record and I do not care for that. The clutches of Yama’s punishment shall not touch me since I have discarded worldly entanglements.

Jaisa rang kasumbh ka Taisa iah sansaar Mera rameeie ranf majeeth ka Kaho Ravidass chamaar.
Guru Ji called the world’s attachment as frail as Kasumbha dye and Guru Ji (cobbler) claimed God’d name bears a permanent colour which is everlasting.

Koop(u) bhario jaise daadiraa kachhu desu bidesu na boojh(u) Aaisa mera manu bikhia bimoihia kuchh(u) aara paru na soojh.
As the well is full of water in which a frog lives and does not have the knowledge of different countries. Alike frogs, my mind is poisoned by passions and made me unaware of myself and that of the Creator.

Sagal bhawan ke naaikaa Ek chin daras dikha(i) ji. (Rahaao)
O Lord! Of the universe, I beg for your generous sight for a moment. (Pause)

Malin bhai mat madhwa Teri gat lakhi na jaai. Karho kirpa bhramu chookie Mai sumat dehu samjhai.
O God! My mind has been maligned and so I cannot realize your greatness. Have pity and dispel my doubts so that I may be able to get Realization.

Jogisar pavhi nahi Tue gun kathanu apaar. Prem bhagat kai karnai Kah(u) Ravidass chamaar.
Even the great renunciators are unable to express your ceaseless virtues because you are beyond description. Guru Ji, the cobbler, wants to attain knowledge by which he may be able to obtain your loving dedication.

Satjug sat tetaa jgee Duaapr(u) poojachaar. Teenau jug teenau dire kal kewal naam adhaar.
In Satyuga Truth was supreme, Treta stressed sacrifices and in Duaapar Yuga, the religious observance. All the three yugs have preached their own way of worship but naam or Simran of Guru Ka Shabad, is the only resort in Kalyuga.

Paar(u) kaise paaiebo re Mo suo koao na kahai samjha(i) J ate aawaa gavan bilaai (Rahaao)
But Gurudev asked how can one swim across the Ocean of trouble ? None could make me understand the secret. How my birth and rebirth cycle may cease? (Pause)

Bahu bidhi dharma niroopiai kartaa deesai sab loi Kavan karam te chhuteeai Jih saadhe sabh sidhi hoi.
So many religious forms and rituals have been described and the whole world is observing. Which one of those acts and performance of which can grant me complete liberation.

Karam akaram bichareeai Sanka sun(u) bed puraan Sansa sad hirdai bsai Kauon hirai abhimaan
The sanctioned and forbidden rituals as per the teachings of four Vedas are creating doubts because they are not clear in themselves. Gurudev concluded if the doubts are still there, who will dispel the pride?

Baahr(u) udhak pkaariai Ghat bhitar bibidh bikaar. Sudh kawan par hoibo Such kunchar bidh(i) biuhaar.
One may wash the body with water. (Even with Ganga) yet within may abide wickedness and evils. How can purity be attained? Ritual purity is only like the elephant’s bathing, as it throws mud on its body and becomes filthy again short while thereafter.

Ravi pargaas rajni jatha Gat(i) jaanat sabh sansaar. Paaras maano taabo chhuie kanak hot nahi baar.
The world knows that the night ends when sun shines. It is supposed that the copper is turned into gold if touched by the philosopher’s stone (Paras).

Param Paras guru bheteeai Poorab likhat lilaat. Unman man man hee mile Chutkat bajar kpaat.
It is due to good fortune that the Great Guru-supreme philosopher’s stone is found by destiny. And the self is completely absorbed in itself i.e. called merger, which can open the doors of ignorance, by force of meditation.

Bhagt(i) jugt(i) mat(i) sat(i) kree Bhram bandhan kaat bikaar. Soiee bas ras man mile Gunn nirgun ek bichaar.
A concentrated devotion enables the man to develop such thinking which is free from doubts and evil habits. When realization is attained the both ways of attributed and unattributed, i.e. SarGuna and NirGuna, become meaningless.

Anik jatan nigrah keeie taaree Na tarai bhram phass. Prem bhagat(i) nahi uoopjai ta te Ravidass udaas.
Inspite of many efforts, I am unable to clear the doubts. All the sundry methods have failed to create spontaneously loving devotion in myself and as such Ravidass is sad with ritualistic worship.

Mrig meen bhring patang kunchar Ek dokh binaas. Panch dokh asaadh ja ma(i) Ta kee ketak aas.
The Deer, The Fish, the humming bee, the moth and an elephant are ruined for their one sense. Therefore, what hope is possible for him, who like a man is surrounded by the five incurable senses.

Madho abidiaa hit keen Bibek deep maleen (Rahaao)
O God! Man embrace ignorance so, his lamp of discrimination/reasoning has become dim. (Pause)

Trigad jon(i) achet sambhav pun pap asoch Maanukha avtar dulabh Tihee sangat(i) poch.
Creeping creature are thoughtless because they are unconscious in regard to good and evil. Although, human life is rare yet his association with the worthless senses.

Jeie jant jahaa jahaa lagu karam ke bs(i) jaae(i) Kaal faas abadh laage Kachhu na chlai upaai
All creatures, wherever they are, born as per their previous actions. And the sword of death, which hangs over the creatures can never be stopped.

Ravidass daas udaas taj(u) bhram Tapan tap(u) gur giaan. Bhagat(i) jan bhai haran Parmaanand karhu nidaan
Ravidass, the humble servant of God, is sad and discards worldly Love and dispels the doublt and declares that nothing is supreme than the Guru’s lesson of Divine knowledge. Guru Ravidass Ji says that only, He can remove the fear of the devotee, and shower supreme bliss for ever.

Sant tujhi tan(u) sangt(i) praan satgur giaan jaanai sant deva dev.
Guru Ravidass Ji explained that the saints are the body of the supreme and their company is my life. By the Divine knowledge of the Great Guru, I realize that saints are supreme in the universe.

Sant chee sangit sat katha ras(u) sant prem maajhai deejhai devadev (Rahaao)
O Lord! Kindly grant me the company of Thy saints which sing Thy praise. Grant me the love of saints of my God.

Sant aacharan sant cho maarag(u) sant cho olag olagani.
O God! Bless me with a character and acts of saints so that I may follow the way of devotion.

Aour ik maagou bhagt(i) chintaman(i) janee lakhaavhu asant paapi san(i)
Another request is for the miraculous gem of meditation; the removal of worries. Show me not the force of wicked and sinner.

Ravidass bhanai jo jaanai so jaan(u) sant ananth(i) antar nahi.
Guru Ravidass Ji cleared that whatsoever the people of the world may understand. But the wise one knows. That there is no difference between the saints and the Almighty (God).

Tum chandan hum erind baapure sang tumaare baasaa Neech rookh te uooch bhaye hai gandh sugandh niwaasaa
Guru Ravidass Ji compared God with Sandal Tree and called himself a castor-oil plant, that is grown near the Sandal Tree. With Thy fragrance of blessings I (Ravidass) a humble tree has become a noble one.

Maadho satsangat(i) saran tumari Hum augan tum upkaari. (Rahaao)
O God! I have sought your protection of holy company. I am without any virtue and you are gracious.

Tum makhtool suped speeal hum bapure jas keera Sat sangat mil raheeye maadho jaise madhup makheera.
O God! You are a white and yellow twisted silk but we are poor worms. O Almighty! Grant me the company of holy saints as bees abide in honeycomb.

Jaati ochha paati ochha, Ochha janam hamara Raja ram kee sev na keenee Keh(i) Ravidass chammara.
My caste is low rank and birth is also low. I, the cobbler, Ravidass pray that I did not praise the Devine Sovereign.

Kaha bhieo jou tan bhieo chin(u) chin(u). Prem jaie tou darpai tero jan(u).
What matters if this body of Ravidass is cut into pieces? But yours disciple cannot tolerate if Thy devotion vanishes.

Tujhh(i) charan arbind bhawan man(u) Paan karat paaeio Paaeio raamieeaa dhan(u) (Rahaao)
Thy lotus feet are the home of my heart. When I quaff the nectar of your name that is mine divine wealth.

Sampat bipt(i) patal maaya dhan(u) Ta meh(i) magan hot na tero jan(u).
Property, Adversity and the worldly affection are provided as veils by God. But these attractive articles are unable to snatch me, of Thy humble service.

Prem kee jeveree baadhio tero jan keh(i) Ravidass chhootbo kawan gun.
O Lord! You are bound b the devotional string of your worshipper. In the last Guru Ravidass Ji wants to know the way to get liberation.